DC Studio

The DC studio started building back in 1989 in a small room. Back then there was a Roland keyboard, a small cheap 8 channel mixer with 2 auxes and a crappy 3 band EQ and a Rockman stereo bucket delay wich still is in use these days. That setup was only used for my 1st reggae band. After that the studio moved to another place and a 16 channel mixer was bought plus a digital reverb, still only used for the band. Then in 1993 a new synth was bought and an Atari 1040 computer. Now the sequencing started with a program called Pro24. More and more midimodules came in the studio and also a Tascam 4 tracker on tape so we could record some live instruments. A full album with the band The Screamin' Abdubs was recorded on that 4 tracker. Then the mixer had to go again and a 'real' mixer was bought. A Mackie 24 channel with 6 auxes. So the soundquality improved. Then in 2000 the studio moved to Amsterdam and some more fx were bought, like delays, phaser and reverb plus a PC 166Mhz with 64Mb ram with a soundcard wich gave 8 outputs to the mixer. As also a DAT machine because then started the real works recording tunes with UK singers like Idren Natural and Ras Milo as King Shiloh played their dubs from DAT. A new mixer (again) came in. Again a Mackie but now a 48 channel,8 buss and 8 auxes. Then the studio moved to a small place just outside Amsterdam and was on the attick for a year but then moved to the garage wich is in the backyard. The garage is made fully soundproof and acoustics adjusted. Then the Large Mackie had to go and there came a Soundtracs Megas studio 36:16:2 pro mixingdesk. The DC sound improved again but still not as i wanted. Now since 2010 DC studio went total recall getting rid of the Soundtracs mixing console and many other gear. So these days the DC Studio is a Mac based system with all very high quality gear. Nothing in the audio chain is polluting the sound apart from some old FX to make the dubs. Most of the tunes leaving DC studio have more and more live played instruments such as live horns, percussion, guitars, bass. Hopefully the studio will have an extention one day with the facility to record full live instrumentation.

Studio Till 2010

GEAR Jan 2012

Mix, Recording & Monitoring

Intel based Mac running Logic Pro with Focusrite Saffire 56 interface with Liquid pre's. Logic being controlled by a Behringer BCF2000 and a Novation Nocturn. (Still looking for a controller that is setup as a conventional console)

Monitorsystem consitst of PMC tb2 speakers driven by 2x Class A Rotel monoblocs. Besides those a pair of Infinity Ref 1 speakers driven by an Alesis RA150 and a pair of active M-Audio Studio pro 3 monitors

Monitor system is being controlled with a Mackie Big Knob. And for the monitoring while recording the singers and players of instruments there's 4 Beyer Dynamic DT250 headphones driven by a small but powerfull Behringer HPamp. Trust me this is a very good HP amp for it's value!

Mics for recording are Neumann U89 and a Ribbonmic.

Recording is done on a Audio optimized Windows based system with an Audiphile firewire audiointerface. All mixdowns are recorded in Sounforge 9 at 44.1KHz at 24bits which is also the mastering program. It has a fully loaded waves mastering suite and is used longside some high quality outboard dynamics.

The studio is optimal acousticly treated with basstraps, diffusers and clouds. Even the monitors are on very high quality Norstone stands filled with sand.


TLaudio Ebony A1, Class A tube mic and line preamp

Focusrite compounder, gentle busscompressor/limiter.

Fully loaded waves Diamond plugin suite


Lexicon LXP 15.

Roland SDE 1000.

Boss RDD20.

Rockman bucketbrigade delay.

Benidub springreverb.

Lexicon PCM plugin bundle.


Moog Little Phatty Stage II.

Logic Pro Plugin bundle.

Native Intruments B4 plugin.

For DJsets DC Come with laptop running Traktor, 1 small mixing console and a homebuilt Siren based on the famous NDJ but then with delay