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DC Discography

Here's the full discography of released DC Productions.  


Docking Sequense on BSI Records Vinyl & CD

Resonant frequencies: the downtempo collection CD

Definitive 1 - Chilled on 42 Records CD

Beware... The Bass on PIM Records CD

Roots of Dub Funk 2 on Tanty records CD

Mika - Only 4 Music CD Album

Jah Free - The Dub Activist - Knowledge & Wisdom feat Ritchie Roots(RIP)

DC/Vibronics production on CD

Lyrical Benjie - Rastaman Style on King Shiloh Majestic 12" Vinyl, disco

Zion Train - Original Sounds of The Zion remixed Vinyl & CD

Zion Train - Live as one Remixed

Roots of Dub Funk 5 CD compilation on Tanty Records

Roots of Dub Funk 6 on Tanty records CD

Journey of Life – Sister Nadia on Dubflash Vinyl 

7 Inches

Life is Today - Sister Nadia on Unity Sound

DUBFLASH - on Dubflash Records

Jah Garden - Madu Messenger on Unity Sound

Fly Jah banner- Idren Natural on Kibish Tribe

Digital Age – Earl 16 on Bassculture

Natty Dread – Mikey Murka & Bassculture Familyband on Bassculture 

10 Inches

Red Lights - Idren Natural on Unity Sound

Where you gonna run- Madu Messenger on Dubflash

Bordeline DC cut - Omar Perry & Mika on Asaiah Records

Deliver us Jah - Sister Nadia on Asaiah Records

Signs of the Conquering Lion - Lyrical Benjie on Lion Roots

Babylon City - Kenny Knots on Lion Roots

Jah Meekness/Who's gonna help - Lyrical Benjie on Asaiah Records

Defender of the faith - Jah Marnyah/Let the healing begin - Jah Bird on Asaiah Records

Table for all nations - Wayne McArthur on Moonwave records

Fight To Survive - Lyrical Benjie on Livication Corner

Where were you - Iziyah Davis on Livication Corner

Jah See Dem - Danman (Indica Dubs meets DC) on Indica Dubs

12 Inches

Ten Plagues- Lyrical Benjie on King Shiloh Majestic

Righteousness- Rankin' Diddy on Dubflash records

2 Vocal 4 Dub (Cant conqer we/Bun it) - Earl 16 on King Shiloh Majestic

Red eye Wooly Hair - Peter Broggs, Peter Broggs remixed by Vibronics & Ras Muffet King Shiloh Soundselections

Rising Flute feat Don Fe on New Flower

Lift up My Voice - Christine Miller on King Shiloh Majestic

Overjoy -Danny Red on King Shiloh Majestic

1st Come Jah - Empress Rasheda/Moving out - Chanter on King Shiloh Majestic

Now you see the smoke - Idren Natural/Lightning Bolt - Culture Freeman on King Shiloh Majestic

Music is the weapon - Chanter/Top of the Mountain - Lyrical Benjie on King Shiloh Majestic

Rasta Live - King Kong & Christine Miller/Bless - Danny Red on King Shiloh Majestic.

Shalala - Danny Red/Kings Highway - Afrikan Simba on King Shiloh Majestic

Faithfull & True - Askala Selassie/Salute - Askala Selassi on King Shiloh Majestic

Marchin’ Fwd 3 mixes – King Shiloh Tuff Dub

Meditate – Idren Natural – Coloured vinyl on Jah Roots Hifi

Double dealing/Willing – Danny Red on King Shiloh Majestic

Healing of the Nations/Mental Slavery – Murray Man on King Shiloh Majestic

Run Come – Johnny Clarke, Dubplatemix limited on Rootical Attack

One Nation – Cedric Myton/ Rastaman - DanI – on Rootical Attack

European Dub longside Chazbo on Emana Records

Paro still Paro – King Kong/Healing of the Nations – Earl 16/Honour & Glory – Askala Selassie on King Shiloh Majestic

Roar – Danny Red/Wicked Men – Nish Wadada on King Shiloh Majestic

Revealing – Judah Eskender Tafari/Farm Up – Colah Colah/Crying – Judah Eskender Tafari/For you I cry – Nish Wadada on King Shiloh

Honour Rebel – Infinite/Behold – Kazam/Wire Dem – Black Omolo on King Shiloh Majestic

Global Warning /Equal Rights – Ranking Joe on King Shiloh Majestic

Father Protect/Live up Right – Donovan Kingjay on King Shiloh Majestic


Peter Broggs - Igzabihir Yakal 12" LP on King Shiloh Majestic + CD with bonus

Ethiopian Dream - King Kong, 12" LP on King Shiloh Majestic

Ethiopian Dream in Dub – King Kong, 12” LP on King Shiloh Majestic

Online Only

Narrow is the gate - Christine Miller

Weepin & Mourning - Echo Ranks

Mr President – Philip I-Ness – Lost Books of Dub chapter II

The Island – Irie Alien – Lost in Dub II

Rootsman/Time & Place – Lyrical Benjie

Can’t Conquer we The Discomix – Earl 16

Easy Love in Dub – Orange Grove meets DC

1000 Angels – Jah Bird

Dubs from the Vaults I

Dubs from the Vaults II

DC Dubplates

Here you can download DC Dubplate samplers. These are zip packages with 1 minute samples in MP3 Format. You can choose from these and let me know wich ones you interested in by contacting me and let me know the filenames. The Dubplates are not exclusive but are'nt released. Rates!

DC Dubplatesampler I


DC Dubplatesampler II


DC Dubplatesampler New


DC Dubplatesampler 12


DC Dubplatesampler Steppers


DC Dubplatesampler SP